Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Official Wench

I am no longer a Ren Faire Virgin. Well, I mean, from the vendor side of things. I lost my ren faire virginity when I was 15... That's a tale for another time. (There were pirates...) Anyway, I helped Holly at her booth at the James Arthur Vineyards Renaissance Festival last weekend, and this weekend coming up will see me for at least a day in Omaha at the Nebraska Renaissance Faire. Holly's business, Tinne Lune, sells all kinds of cool stuff, including some of MY stuff, now. I'm also working on their site, but the Scrapdragons site is going somewhat more slowly than I expected. (It takes me at least a half-hour per individual piece to color-adjust, crop and resize the needed pictures, add the time to upload and configure each piece's page...) But I got to talk to Kendra and Troy from Scrapdragons while at the ren faire, and they are really happy with the way things are shaping up. So, excellent.

I took some much needed time off last night to craft for my own sake. I worked on my miniature ferragamo bag. Then I'll have to find a Blythe who wants one. I had to do a little frogging last night, which is irritating, especially when I made up the first side without taking notes, then immediately started on the second side, but set it aside after the first set of repeats, and then promptly forgot exactly how I was doing it, so I had to closely inspect the piece already finished to figure out where I made my increases, which row had the yo's and which had the drop stitches, etc. But I got it figured out and have less than one full set of repeats to finish, then it's sew that puppy up and figure out a handle. Meanwhile, tonight I'll be working on a small blue hackey sack for Holly to give to her friend tomorrow morning.

Jen gets home from Canada on Saturday, and I can't wait to do kitschy crafting with her for the Craftster Challenge #12. But I have a problem: Two great kitschy ideas, one using loom loopers, pipe cleaners and pompoms, the other using easter grass, pipe cleaners and pompoms plus some other stuff. I think the loom loopers project would be less messy to make and potentially more sophisticated upon completion, but the easter grass one might be more fun. Down and dirty fun. Maybe I'll make them both and then have my own personal regional competition to determine which will be sent to the challenge. Or maybe my sister will somehow magically lack ideas (yeah right) and will use one of mine. Or... MAYBE, I can talk Mom into entering kitschy craft fun! I can't wait to craft with my sister. Speaking of whom, I need to make a few phone calls. :D Later.


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