Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Duh Moment

Yesterday, when I posted my non-knitting craftiness, I totally forgot about my totally cool knitting news! I got to go to a book signing here in town for Debbie Stoller's new Happy Hooker book! Sis wasn't back in town yet, so I had to go alone, but I got us each a paperback copy of the book, signed. As it happens, I also stopped at the Goodwill two doors down from the bookstore just before the book signing and found a bagful of great vintage yarns. So, happy yarn, happy hooker, happy me! Ms. Stoller was a lot of fun to listen to, and I'm excited about several of the patterns (particularly the bag patterns) in the book. I've been salivating over some of the FO's I've seen at Craftster, but waited on the book for some reason, and when I found out she was doing a book signing here in town, I knew that it was kismet at work. It was all very exciting. I'm lame, I know.


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