Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More destashing to come

There's still one lot of yarn without a bid. Come on folks, it's lovely, and I have vintage patterns I can give you that use that much. In fact, there's a lovely little girl's lace dress that only uses 4 skeins for a size 4. And the pattern even calls for the ecru. Snap it up and I'll send you the pattern. *grin*

Tonight I'll be listing a bunch of Creative Memories stuff. I was a consultant for a while. I'm not into the cutesy all-matching stuff CM has to offer, but their tools are among the best you can buy, and the albums are really nice, so I bought a consultant's kit to get a whole bunch of tools for not (as) much money, and only had a couple of shows before I just couldn't do it anymore. So I've got a little bit of stock left over, and I'll be getting rid of it starting tonight. I'll be listing a nice lot of items, sort of a basics package, that includes a bunch of items you could never buy retail, only as thank you gifts. And then I'll be listing a few other items, like tape runners and photo splits, plus some thank-you-only templates that you can't get anymore. Very nice stuff, mostly tools not fufy decorations. I'll update when I get the auctions listed.

Meanwhile, I've been plugging away on my One Tiny Thing item. I'm actually almost finished. I should have it in the mail by tomorrow. Yay!! I can't wait to see what my partner thinks of it.


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