Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Day Three

The end of Day Two of the Knitter's Olympics saw me with one finished sleeve. The end of Day Three sees me with one finished sleeve. Bah! Knitting while watching figure skating? I have to admit, my needles fell idle in my lap as I watched the stunning performance of China's Zhang and Zhang. Hell, they fell idle shortly after I picked them up. I haven't even cast on the second sleeve yet. I am not a watch-TV-while-you-knit type girl. Not if I need (or want) to concentrate on both. I've made enough adjustments to the pattern (and not written them down) that I need to have my full attention on sleeve two so that it matches sleeve one. And I think the actual Olympics part of the Knitting Olympics may end up my downfall here. Because I love the Winter Olympics. I love to watch it. I love to get taken in by it. My eyes remain riveted to the screen while my fingers twitch in my lap, irritated at my mind's sudden inability to multi-task.

My fingers know, you see, that I can type one thing to one person and say another thing to another person (while NOT looking at the screen OR the keyboard) and not get confused. They do not seem to understand that I've been typing a lot longer than I've been knitting, and I do not knit 90 words per minute (although, that would be a fun trick, wouldn't it?) so once the skaters switch on, my needles switch off. My fingers hate me. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned on me tomorrow during work. Started typing four-letter words into my email correspondence with the owner of the company. Seriously. And if I happen to respond to anyone's blog with an inelegant mixture of Trucker-Swearing (I can say it, I work with truckers, and I know how much they swear) and knitting compliments, the answer is "No, I don't have turrets BADLY SPUN SUCKWOOL." See, they're at it already.


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