Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Hardwood Floors

It's been a little while since my last post. I have been participating in a Craftster Vampire swap, and will post pics of the stuff I got tonight when I get home. Very cool... it's a vampire-hunting kit from Gothmom. Kit was very interested in it, until she smelled the garlic. Now whenever I ask her about it she just says, "I don't want to play dressup with that, mom." Who knew the girl would dislike garlic so much. Meanwhile, I can't post pics of what I sent until I know my partner received them.

On other crafty fronts, I am working away at hats for Lidz for Liz at the Relay for Life next month. I've really got to get to cranking them out. I'm thinking about putting buttons on some and then selling little ornaments that can button on, so the button itself is a decoration, but you can also add flowers and other things. We'll have to see. Great stashbusting project. And boy have I got stash...

I bought a bag of yarn at the Goodwill.. a trashbag of yarn. A huge, huge bag of yarn, nestled into the middle of which was four beautiful balls of mohair in bright teal. It also had a bunch of Red Heart and Homespun, some baby pompadour, five balls of Jarol DK, five of Peter Pan Baby DK, 9 of a beautiful vintage cotton blend yarn called Slique by Reynolds, some cotton yarn and its all just lovely. Even the cheap yarn will make good blankets and stuff to donate or give as gifts. I'm just really looking forward to working through it all.

In other news, my husband has lost his job due to managerial stupidity, and has caused me to coin a new phrase: Idle husbands are the devil's plaything. He called me at work yesterday... "I got bored." Ok, I'm thinking... what, did you get bored and cut off your eyebrows, or dig up the back yard, or break the computer, or what? No, ladies and gentlemen, he got bored and started moving things. And then he decided that if he was going to move everything, he should also tear up the carpet to reveal the lovely hardwood floor beneath. And that is exactly what happened at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. And continued to happen until about midnight last night. And probably some today too. And tonight. Our house is a complete disaster area because my husband, being a GUY, did not put clutter away before he moved furniture, he just set the clutter aside a bit. So, last night I spent most of the evening going through clutter and putting things away on new shelves in the basement, just hoping to be able to reach my bedroom by sleepy-time. My entire craft stash is being moved downstairs except for the small amount I've secured in the bedroom, and the new arrangement of living room furniture doesn't allow for any overflow. I'll barely have a place to put a WIP, let alone more than one, so the stash must stay sequestered or I'll have problems moving about. Still, the wood floors are a beautiful, refreshing change from the filthy carpet, and the new arrangement allows for my dinette set to be used as a table instead of a computer desk, which will be better for my dinners AND my wrists, and since that vintage 1960's dinette set is my one true source of pride amongst my personal belongings, it will be nice to show it off again. (And be able to play cards inside...) But I will miss communing with my stash regularly.


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