Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Craftster Blythe/Pullip Swap Round 6

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Here is Nemo, a little Pullip girl who lives with Shelichan, my partner for the Blythe/Pullip swap. Nemo is modeling my swap package, and Shelichan graciously allowed me to snag the pics she took, since they're much better than the pics I took. So, on with the stuff.

Nemo is wearing a lovely A-line dress, made with vintage fabric scraps in a fun bubble and flower pattern in shades of lavender, bright orange, pale green and brown on cream.

Her arms and legs are decked out in a pair of matching leg and arm warmers made in a lavender fur yarn I got from Target's dollar spot. The yarn label calls for a size US 10.5 needle, but I used a tiny little size 0 to produce a really lovely, dense and SUPER soft fabric. They were impossible to knit in the round, and almost as hard to seam.

Topping off her ensemble is a black beanie hat, decorated with a woven ribbon and (outside the shot) a pompom almost as big across as the hat. It looks really, really cute with the over-sized pompom. I used the pattern by MK Carroll for this, and measured twice to see if I was getting gauge, and it wound up being much larger than it should have been, although I even left off the last 7 rows. I could have dropped down a needle size to make it smaller, but worsted yarn on a size 4 needle probably would have hurt my hands, and not really been worth it. Still, although the final product was a bit of a compromise with my original idea, it turned out cute and Nemo likes it.

Nemo lounges on her new patchwork quilt. I'm kinda proud of this one. It's small, but it IS my first patchwork piece, the patches are an inch and a half on a side. There were some issues with the piecing, but for a first try, and so small, I feel as though it was very successful. And best of all, my partner loved everything.

Not include in the above pic, but included below, larger than life so you can see the stitches, is the little dolly cardigan I made her. It's the same basic pattern as the Blythe sweaters I've made in the past, but I had to adjust it slightly to fit the slightly bustier and less-slightly longer body of the Pullip. It's a lustrous blue-green yarn called Barefoot, one of the mill ends I picked up from Wild Purls in Montana, and I think it turned out great.



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