Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh my oh my

Another long weekend of jewelry-craft. I haven't picked up my needles since Monday, when I tried out a ruffle for the Offendi bag and it wasn't ruffly enough. I still haven't decided whether I want to give in and do ugly increases instead of pretty decreases or go buy circs the right size, but I don't have any money for new needles right now, and I really want to make the ruffle with decreases instead of increases, so I have been letting it sit. And I will have the Culturelle Cardigan done in time to wear in for fall. This I also swear. I just have decided to focus on making a little money on jewelry first. *sigh* So much to think about, and I'm only just one girl!


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