Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.


Strickgarnschnitzel: Clippings of knitting yarn.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm a bad blogger... again...

OK, if I swear that the reason I haven't posted is because I've been busy crafting for the holidays, will you all forgive me? (I know "you all" is probably about three people, but I can pretend, right?) Well, it's true, sort of. I also had a birthday, and a weekend evening that my daughter spent with the grandparents.

So, I'm 30, and I don't really care. I spent all day last Sunday knitting, and that was lovely. I am making a little cropped cardigan hoodie for my niece for Christmas. I've also got mittens to make, and hats, and who knows what else, and that's just the knitting and crochet. I have promised myself that I will not spend any more money until just before Christmas, and only if I simply run out of time, because I do have enough various craft materials in my home to make gifts for everyone I know for the next several years, but I haven't ever done so. Well, this year I'm going to give it my best damn shot.

Oh, and I got batteries for the digi cam, so I might actually have pics to post of some of the things I'm working on. :D Stay tuned!


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